Fit By Catarina

A Warm Welcome

At Fit By Catarina you are always welcome, even when you take a hiatus.  At Fit By 

Catarina, we are FAMILY.   Classes are Small, Personable and ALL ABOUT YOU!
That means you are not a member of a big box gym, you are a member of the family here. Everyone knows your name! That means if there is one more rep you got to get in, I won't be the only one cheering you on!

Boutique Classes

Afraid of commitment..I got you covered.  Fit By Catarina is a NO monthly commitment type of business. That means you only pay for the classes you sign up for.

Can't make it for a month, no problem. Come back when your ready. 

That's the luxury of  boutique style run classes. 

Ask other members what made them choose Fit By Catarina and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though;  IT'S NEVER THE SAME WORKOUT!


"if you sorta kinda workout & you sorta kinda eat healthy, then you sorta kinda get Results!"

Catarina Cipriani